Policies of the Colwich Community Library

Check-Out Periods

New Releases (6 months old and newer) are due in two weeks and are NOT able to be renewed.

Books (excluding new releases) are due in three weeks and allowed to be renewed up to two times.

Magazines, Audio Books, Cake Pans and Videos are due in two weeks and are will not be able to be renewed

Any patron with a balance of $5.00 on their account will not be able to check any item out until the account is payed.

If we close on a day that is not a usual day (example: inclement weather) our computer system will make any needed adjustments so patron accounts will not be assessed late fees or fines on those days.

Late Fees and Fines:

Late fees are charged by the day beginning after the day the item was due. A charge of $.20 per day will be assessed daily until the item is returned up to a maximum of $5.00.

If the item you have checked out is lost or damaged we will charge your account the replacement cost of the item or allow you to replace it with a new copy in the same format.

How to Avoid Late Fees and Fines:

Return the item on or before the due date by bringing it in to us during operating hours or using our drop box at any time.

Start an online account through colwichlibrary.org and renew your items online if renewals are an option.

Call 316-796-1521 and ask us to renew your items if renewals are an option.

If your account is set up for email reminders, reply when you receive your notice and we will make the changes if it is an option. We will then let you know the new date or that a renewal is not an option.

You may also email library@colwich.kscoxmail.com with a request and we will make the changes if allowed. We will reply with new date or let you know the renewal is not an option.


Our library will close on posted days, holidays and days Renwick School District 267 cancels school for inclement weather.

Library services are meant to be free and helpful to our community, however, this requires cooperation and responsible actions from our patrons for this to be successful. Late fees and fines WILL NOT be waived but if  we work together we can avoid them.

Thank you,

The Colwich Community Library Staff

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